Klassische Räume durch klassisches Handwerk

„The idea has to be simple
and the execution absolutely perfect!“
Christian Dior

The classically performed craft of master painters and varnishers is to create surfaces that give specific interior designs and objects the appropriate room they need. Complicated design surfaces are not always the object in question. In the end it is about the presentation of a place – no matter if dining room or office – and the authenticity of a wholistic piece of art in that you want to live and work.

Sometimes for example white is the color of choice – not only in classical buildings. On the other hand a modern dentists office becomes even more modern through the use of psychologically soothing colors like „Florida Peach“. Even coloristic contra points should be allowed.

Take a further look at our photos: Colorful or beige paint, old style stucco or Pop-Art-Bedroom – with the classical techniques of our craft your four walls become perfect: just dial our Hamburg Number 250 22 88 and we inform you about appropriate, timeless, holistic methods to intelligently implement your ideas!