Heavy Metal

The Chinese „wǔxíng“ teaching of the five Elements honors Metal as an individual Element beside Water, Wood, Fire and Earth. No other class of material has more connotations connected to abilities than metal: Hard as steel, heavy as gold, razor-sharp, expensive as platinum. Historical epochs such as the Copper-, Bronze- and Iron-age, olympic Bronze-, Silver- and Gold-medals, copper and silver pennies, golden ducats, lead bullets, brass lanterns, tin cans and wrought iron. Also our surface coatings between copper alloys, iron patina and of course brass and gold are oozing with the archaic power of timeless mythical values between Tut-ench-Amun and Fort Knox. So if your a connoisseur of fine metallic surfaces feel free to browse our gallery „Surface-ABC“ or arrange a meeting with us to see and feel our materials for yourself.