Mountain Blue – don´t be blue, have it!

The globetrotter of the colors is blue. All around the world it’s feeling at home: As a house painting in the Indian Jodhpur, as well as in Sweden where it’s clear and lightening effect is quite appreciated. On Majorca or in Greece, where the cooling and refreshing qualities of blue are held in high regard. Blue and white are always a prime dream team. This color combination makes for a friendly, summer like Atmosphere wich lets every room shine. Although Blue is widely regarded as a „cold“ color, it has a habit of making us smile, because it let’s us remember the most beautiful vacation memories of mountains, the sky and the seemingly unending ocean. Used In the living area they convey a maritime, classical and regal style all the while delivering a feeling of expanse. Shades of blue are also able to convey warming characteristics, especially if they have a red color share. Blue is universally usable: kitchen, living room or bathroom. What could be better than relaxing in a bathtub with a cool blue background or dreaming of a lush mountain blue.