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Nordic Blue

From northern Friesland to the North Pole: Nordic Blue by nature.
You don’t have to ask for a Scandinavians favorite color. In the high north blue is as self evident to good home design as the Sm∅rre on the Br∅d. The pale, pastel like shadings of nordic blue seem cold but tremendously lush, like summer clouds over the fjord. They fit wonderfully with the clear-cut, timeless Scandinavian designs and make for a light and happy atmosphere in the living area. In its dark shades is pigeon blue a vital, refreshing wall color, that at the same time sets charming, modern and elegant accentuations. In combination with dark woods this blue is well able of warming qualities. But no matter what your decoration and furniture style ultimately is: blue always seems inviting. And that is also in Scandinavia the most important thing.