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The Chocolate Factory

As a part of the modernization of the biggest European chocholate factory, which is owned by Nestlé (it is the production center for KitKat, Smarties, After Eight Chico Crossies for all of Europe), we re applied the food safe industrial painting which our family business provides since two Thielvoldt generations.

This is done in a stepwise makeover of all the inside premises up to the details like pathways and ground markings for the the improved orientation and security of the employees as well as the optimized coordination of all business assets.

Informational design is part of our surface works for lasting security in spite of permanent usage: To guarantee the optimal outcome, we first fixed the planned route of the marking in high precision work with masking tape and subsequently hand painted the markings. After that we took of the tape which left perfectly edged and clean markings.

With all of our paintwork and varnishing we are in line with the respective DIN-standards and procedural specifications in the interest of all – from food safe colors and varnishes to fireproof surface coatings for modern fire protection.